Technology Showcase

The Launch Of A Small Powerful Box

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Event Details

New technology showcase – A revolutionary change for the meeting environment is here and at this forthcoming showcase we will be unveiling a new way to share information, interact with it and collaborate with colleagues and guests alike in a meeting.

Now we can enable meetings to become outcome based rather then just a dissemination of information to be absorbed and distributed with actions and outcomes sent out days later as a follow up.

Through the tools this little box of magic provides, anyone in a meeting will be able to share information, no matter what that information is, from any device, anywhere within the room or even if you’re a remote participant.  Yes, this claim has been made before, but those before never quite fulfilled this promise.

This new technology does not care what network those in the meeting are on i.e. guest or corporate, from what device they want to share their information from and requires no third party application or accessories. It will allow users to natively share their information, ideas, notes, photos, emails, video or music etc with just two clicks.


Date: 2015 September 10th

Time: 1st session 2.30pm – 3.30pm

2nd session 3.45pm – 4.45pm

(Refreshments provided)

Location: Birchin Court, Birchin Lane, London, United Kingdom


For more information or registration please contact our helpful team by email  or just give us a call +44 (0) 1784 333028


Event Overview


Each session is kept to a strict hour slot, covering introduction, back ground to and full product demonstration followed by Q & A.


Aim of Sessions

To identify those organizations that would like to explore this new technology further through product trials and evaluation.

Why Attend?

There seem to be four key trends that the corporate organizations are trying to address:

Number #1

No wires and any device connection to any display in a meeting environment.

Number #2

True collaboration

Number #3

Video anywhere

Number #4

Reduced cost and ease of use of audio visual and video systems.

This new and amazing piece of technology will facilitate all of these, and quite simply you can’t afford not to see it as it is truely game changing.

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