SMART Board® 6055 interactive flat panel

SMART Board® 6055 interactive flat panel

The interactive flat panel for the classroom The SMART Board 6055 raises the benchmark for educational interactive displays, perfect for smaller classrooms. Drive engagement and interaction with 4K Ultra HD stunning visuals and dynamic new functionality for an immersive learning experience. New and unrivalled features include: Pen iQ, Object Awareness plus an intuitive and natural touch experience to support different teaching and learning approaches. Pen iQ™ Users can assign different ink colours to track separate contributions in a collaborative learning environment Object Awareness™ The 6055 recognises if you’re using a finger (touch), pen (write) or palm (erase). Combine this with four point multi-touch and students are able to engage in small group working at the display itself Silktouch™ Responsive touch functionality unique to SMART that’s more natural and seamless than ever before, with a low-friction coated surface that stays cool to the touch Includes SMART Notebook® SMART Notebook is the world’s most widely used education software, including many education specific tools, widgets and learning aids that will develop learning outcomes whilst assisting teachers to develop content quickly and easily. It comes with three years SMART Notebook Advantage subscription that provides quarterly additions and updates Also included is a single board license for Wordwall, the software for quick and fun activity creation

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