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In today's modern business world where space is a premium, cost efficiency is key and ease of use is paramount. Why not make deploying video conferencing and audio visual systems easy whilst saving money, getting the very best technology has to offer and providing your business with systems that are easy to use for everyone.

Why Prowise?

  1. 1 Prowise develops for you. One plug, one power button, instinctive functionality, ergonomic operation, and bespoke lift systems that elevate the level of personal interaction, productivity and performance of the people using them. In other words, you’ll use it.
  2. 2 Prowise is hardware, software and aftercare.A truly comprehensive solution comprising of Multi-Touch Screens, Tablets, Lift Systems and in cloud content as well as training and post sale warranty. A 360 degree solution with you at it’s centre.
  3. 3 Prowise is hugely economical.As it brings a wealth of tools and content and connects to any on-line device there is no need to buy additional modules or hardware. Perfect for those adopting the increasingly desirable BYOD model.
  4. 4 Prowise makes it personal.As an apps based solution it is driven by the people who use it. It empowers a workforce, allowing them to choose their own agenda by uploading the tools they need and create their optimum canvas for success.
  5. 5 Prowise is flexible. With a powerful and economical Intel Embedded Core i5 Processor and Windows 8 certified, Prowise have been able to design a democratic digital environment, both Chrome and Google ready, able to communicate with any other device whether it be Android or Apple.
  6. 6 Prowise is future proof.Whether it’s the robust equipment or the evolving content, your workplace is re-energised, inclusive and in a state of continuous improvement.
Prowise information
“We went for Prowise over its rivals for a number of reasons. It offers great value for money, I’m impressed with the build quality of the equipment and the key advantage is the flexibility of the system.” - City Academy Whitehawk

The ultimate system for you isn’t the one that uses the most impressive jargon, or the one with the most bells and whistles. The ultimate system for you is simply the one you’ll use the most.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Ultra 4K HD 10 Point Multi Touch Displays from 42” to 84” are insensitive to light with super-strong, acid-edged, anti-bacterial scratch resistant glass plate.
  2. 2 Prowise height adjustable lift systems are safe, durable with quality at their core.
  3. 3 he Prowise collaborative toolkit is fast, flexible and completely free.
  4. 4 Cloud storage offers the ultimate collaboration platform and supports the ‘work anywhere at any time’ flexibility we expect today.
  5. 5 Interactivity is not just essential within the product, but within its delivery. Every stage from sales, to installation and to on-going support is vital to the Prowise philosophy, a company that believes that ‘customer service’ is more than just words.
  • Touchscreens Digitavia


    Category: Prowise

    High quality LED technology that’s easy to operate with ten-point touch, razor sharp image and sound. The Prowise Multi-Touchscreen, with its instinctive functionality and ergonomic design is truly ahead of its time. Ranging from 42” to 84”, the Prowise Multi-Touchscreen is the very best quality. Super strong, acid edged and anti bacterial, saving both energy and significant running costs.

  • Lifts Digitavia


    Category: Prowise

    Part of the Prowise total solution, the Lifts bring flexibility and mobility to the Prowise Multi-Touchscreen. The different Lift options elevate the displays, but also the level of personal interaction, productivity and performance of the people using them.

  • Tablets Digitavia


    Category: Prowise

    Unique tablets with up to 12 hours running time, Quad Core Processors and Dual Band Wifi to ensure optimal connection, the Prowise Tablets also come fully loaded with content via the Presenter and ProConnect Apps. The Windows Pro 2 in 1 Tablet is future proof, high performance and under the Microsoft ‘Shape the Future’ scheme, an unbelievable price. Similarly, all the interactive tools and accessories are already downloaded onto a powerful Android tablet, making it ideal for use in schools.

  • Presenter Digitavia


    Category: Prowise

    The contemporary work place is less dependent on bricks and mortar than ever before, that’s why Prowise created Presenter: a cloud-based resource and a community of like-minded contributors. When combined with ProConnect, a FREE downloadable app that interactively connects all end-user devices with the Prowise Multi-Touchscreens, a new dimension of training, lessons and presentations is sparked.